Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sample sympathy message

How to write a sample sympathy message can depend on the various occasions, like when your loved ones have experienced some kind of illness, or have lost their valuables. When we first get to hear the unfortunate news of someone passing away, the feeling which we experience at that point of time is unimaginable to say the least. Everything in the world just comes to a standstill. We can`t seem to figure out what has struck. While, I sincerely hope that no one ever goes through that experience, I would suggest that you learn how to write a sympathy letter promptly, if someone you know has gone through this, then revise it to make sure it sends the right message across.

Far too many people, whom I have met, tend to wait for the right words before looking at sample sympathy messages or expressing their condolence, which is not the right way. You should try to convey your feelings as soon as possible. When your emotions are at its high, you can let them flow & pour down your feelings on a piece of paper.

Some people also tend to get confused in using a sample sympathy message as a blueprint. They are very cautious while, writing it & it is totally understandable. You would want to write a letter which not only shows your grief for the deceased but also, helps in easing the pain of the surviving members. So, that caution, is to be appreciated. Hence, I thought I would dedicate this topic in showing you how to write sympathy sayings and also share a few sample sympathy messages with you.

Given below are a few sample sympathy messages. Take a look:

Sample Sympathy Message # 1

Dear __________

It is with much sadness that I learnt of ________’s passing away, following a stroke.

My association with him dates back to the mid ________, when he was secretary to the _________. We were both at the founding of _________ in Houston, Texas and worked with the late _________ on so many matters of interest.

The association continued when he became the chief secretary and frequently visited Houston. He will be missed for his valuable contributions to our company.

My wife joins me in sending you and the family our deepest condolences.



Sample Sympathy Message # 2

Dear Mr.________

I was so sorry to hear of Mrs. _________'s death. Although I haven't seen you since I left Houston, I have often thought with great affection and pleasure of those wonderful days we spent together at the races.

Please accept my sympathy on your sad loss.

Yours truly,


Sample Sympathy Message # 3

Dear ________ and _________,

We were all so sorry to hear about your father's death. He was a fine man, and all of Houston is in mourning for him. I remember seeing him take the two of you for a walk each evening after dinner when you were just little girls. I hope your memories of him will be some comfort to you.

Please, accept our sympathy and good wishes.



You don’t have to write a lengthy letter, as long as it is sincere, its fine. Try to post it as soon as possible after the death, or some other loss of mammoth proportions. The letters above are simply a guide and may help you get started.

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  1. I dont really know how to stay sad s i didnt have the words of comfort..these samples are really very helpful!